Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our First Broken Bone

The Kearns house has experienced its first broken bone. Tanner was sliding into home in yesterday's game when he was stepped on by the catcher. He has broken his radius for sure, and the doctor thinks the ulna is broken as well. Right now he's in a splint and has an appointment to get his cast on next Tuesday. He's in a moderate amount of pain when the meds wear off. As his momma, I wish I could take all the pain away but as much as I love the bugger, I would not wear his cast for him! I have a hard time looking at the splint without having a major panic attack. Kicks my claustrophobia into high gear!

Tanner is out of baseball for the rest of the regular season. He will be in the cast for 4-6 weeks. Major bummer as that cuts into pool time during the summer as well. Guess we'll wait on those Cowabunga season passes!

I will post pictures on Tuesday when the cast is on. Right now I'm preoccupying him by having him think of colors for his cast!

Three more weeks until school is out and then I will become a more regular blogger....maybe!