Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10 Good Things

I feel like I have been overly negative, or maybe justifiably negative, about my boys this summer. I don't know if it's the age, if it's because they're both boys, or what, but all they do is fight and it is driving me crazy. So, to change my frame of mind regarding my boys I am going to list ten positive things about each of them.

My Tanner

1. Is a love-bug. Loves to cuddle and be a Mommy's boy.
2. Gives whatever he is doing 100%.
3. Is the first to help out in the yard or house when asked.
4. Will still tell me he loves me in front of his friends.
5. Is a good student.
6. Has the biggest heart. His teacher gave him award for that. He is a friend to everyone.
7. Is making huge strides in overcoming his anxiety disorder.
8. Is an amazing athlete....any sport, but particularly baseball.
9. Loves to dance even though he cannot, and possibly shouldn't!
10. An amazing personality when he lets it shine through. Quick witted and sarcastic!

My Landon

1. Is such a goofball. The life of any party.
2. Loves all creatures (some to my great disliking!).
3. Loves to read and is such a sponge when it comes to soaking up information.
4. Can spell anything! Left 2nd grade reading and spelling on a 6th grade level.
5. Makes friends anywhere and everywhere.
6. Is a devoted brother....will travel in good spirits to numerous sporting events for Tanner.
7. Gives the sweetest kisses and hugs and knows just when to say "I love you, Mom".
8. Started a club at school to pick up trash to keep his school clean. Tried to sell seashells from a stand in the front yard. Has such an entrepreneurial spirit!
9. Lives in la-la land but will gladly invite you to visit. He says it's pretty.
10. Is not ashamed or embarrassed to be himself, which is a goofball with an amazing, funny, crazy personality who at one time claimed Barbie and Pretty Ponies as his favorite toys!

Instead of harping on the negative all the time, I am hoping to be able to find the good in any situation regarding my children. Like when they're throwing coasters at one another I can focus on the amazing arms and aim that both my children possess instead of the fact that they are trying to beat one another!! Not sure if I can be that positive, but I'm going to give it one heck of a shot!


Melanie said...

You're such a great Mom. Hang in there on the hard days. You're the mom of two BOYS! THREE BOYS total in the house. You're outnumbered and you are a fantastic match for their wit, temperments, and spunk. Don't forget that their goodness stems from your those lists you made. I see so much of you in those boys.

And when all else fails and your boys are being pills...just think back to the other day when you tried to be sweet and tell my 5 yr old "Happy Birthday" --and she not only would not GET ON the phone with you--but she then began screaming like she was dying in Dans...shortly after which we had to get off the phone with you because we were suddenly making a scene so HUGE that the bankers in the front of the store were looking back to see what the problem was. And then there's my 8 yr old - who, when you'd sweetly ask her every day last year how her day was --she'd roll her eyes at you (despite my private and public pleas to "just politely answer questions when my friends talk" to her.) Nope...she just kept on being a snot! (Luckily.. you could handle her!) Not only are you a good Mom...but a PATIENT AND LOVING FRIEND for putting up with my kids. Im not trying to say "mine are worse" or "yours are better"...Im just saying that KIDS ARE HARD and push us to our limits. As my cousin says to her very, very, very strong headed 3 year old often "Riley...Go Play on the Highway!" Parenting is fun. Love you.

Cindi Pugmire said...

Hey Kearns Family-
We miss you guys-hope T had a great birthday! We are bloggers now-check us out at