Friday, September 12, 2008

I am blessed

I heard this morning that one of my sister's best friends little boy passed away last night. I don't know them well, I've hung out with them a couple of times at my sisters, but my heart aches for them. He was only five years old. He was diagnosed in June with cancer with a good chance of remission. He received his first bout of chemo which shrunk the tumor so quickly and so much that it perforated his bowel and he got sepsis. He never recovered from that and he continued to spiral downward, just one thing after another. It causes me to reflect on my children and how incrediby blessed I am to have overall healthy children. It makes me put into perspective the day to day things with my kids that I think are so horrible. They may drive me crazy some days, but they're here. I can hug them and kiss them whenever I want. I can yell at them when they're being naughty. But still, they're here for me to yell at. I can't imagine having to take your five year old off of life support and hold him while his heart stops beating and I pray to God that I will never have to know. I know that I am going to hug and appreciate my children a little more today, and everyday. I guess sometimes it takes a tragedy to make one appreciate and put into perspective their lives. Life is not about having money, or the best house on the block, or the nicest car. Life is about family and memories and love.

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Melissa said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your friends loss. Your comment made me cry and I'm not one to cry. I will definitely look at my children differently and not take them for granted after reading this post. Thanks Steph!!